[AusNOG] Small data centre available in Toowoomba

david at hughes.id david at hughes.id
Tue Feb 22 10:52:33 AEDT 2022

Morning all

I've been asked by a 3rd party if I knew anyone who would be interested in a small vacant data centre in Toowoomba.  If someone is looking for a dedicated space for a POP or infrastructure not at somewhere like Pulse it may be of use.  I am not familiar with the matter but will happily make introductions if anyone is interested.  The details I've been provided are (not my words) :
Purpose built as a data centre by a government body
The centre has large UPS, 
and diesel generator.
It is connected to a wireless tower, and has commercial fibre into it. 
It's got Schneider Electric In Row Cooling system & fire control systems.
It's a stand alone building, with direct access from the street.
Discreetly positioned on block
Professionally built, and well maintained.  
Data centre room itself would measure approx 5x5m - with a 3x5m reception/control area.
Some racking included, but there is room for more.  

If something like that fills a need please let me know and I'll put you together with the new owner.



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