[AusNOG] 10G/SFP+ Router for NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Tony Wicks tony at wicks.co.nz
Mon Feb 21 12:12:12 AEDT 2022

I use these https://mikrotik.com/product/ccr2004_1g_12s_2xs on our
"Hyperfibre" 2/2G, 4/4G, 8/8G Connections here in NZ and they work very
nicely (4% CPU load with a line rate 4Gb/s speedtest). Have one downstairs
right now as my home router. The Mikrotik 10GBT SFP+ do 1/2.5/5/10G just
fine (they do get wark) and FS optics also work fine. The 25G ports are also
10 capable as well so you get a lot of switch/router ports for your money.

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Hi folks,

For a long while we've leveraged 1G hardware within our office environments.
Thankfully, we're soon to have fibre at work.

We're waiting for NBN Enterprise Ethernet to be fulfilled now so we can
transition from copper to fibre, and it presents a good opportunity to
replace our non-DC routers while we're at it. The hand-off will be SFP+
rather than SFP.

Ideally keeping away from lock-in models (ie. Meraki), what's recommended
and where would you seek it out? In terms of slot failures, we'd probably
prefer 2x SFP+ cages rather than 1x, and to have a bit of resource overhead
(ie. 2-4 cores rather than single-core, and 1-4GB RAM rather than 512MB/etc)
so we have room for other services (VPN, DNS, etc).

What do you recommend? Ubiquiti make some options, likewise MikroTik have
some RB/CCR models that look suitable. WISP seem to have some low-spec
MikroTiks in-stock that would suit, though without much resource overhead to
leverage. We're happy to compromise, the main consideration is that it
balances out to being a solid all-rounder.

This is a situation where we haven't changed the configuration in a fair
while, so are open to ideas. We'd rather get this change right and repeat it
as time goes on, rather than make the wrong move and look to re-do it again
fairly soon.

One final factor is security - we'd prefer a vendor who issues patches
as-needed, rather than quickly EOLing devices and/or hiding them behind a
subscription. If the value's there, we can look at it, though would rather
keep that for the DCs.

Any and all insights much appreciated!


Luke Thompson
Operations Manager

The Network Crew Pty Ltd

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