[AusNOG] Optus SMS issues

Luke Thompson luke.t at tncrew.com.au
Sat Feb 12 12:58:50 AEDT 2022

Hi Patrick,

You could try Gladys - not sure if her mailbox is set-up yet though...

Jokes aside, noc at optus.net.au might work. However it used to report full:

Aside from that one: ipadmin at optus.net.au and/or hostmaster at optus.net.au
Might find someone useful at: 1800 555 937 or 02 8082 7800 (experiment a 

Only yesterday we had Optus Live Chat explaining to a customer that Port 
25 is neither TCP nor UDP, and that port blocking isn't done by ISPs so 
they wouldn't ask a Manager about it, so I'd say you're going to need to 
get someone switched-on to avoid the layers of incompetence that seem to 
exist within.

Someone like Peter Poulos might be able to help. Plenty of tenure and 
lateral/etc movement, and he's within the AusNOG group on LinkedIn.

Good luck with it, and please report back with the outcome/contact/etc 
for the list's benefit.


Luke Thompson
Operations Manager

The Network Crew Pty Ltd

On 12/2/22 12:33 pm, info wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am reaching out, hopefully, to someone at Optus regarding SMS issues 
> with one of our customers.
> They are a large volume user of SMS services and currently using SMS 
> Global for their SMS service.  They have been having issues with some 
> Optus mobile users not being able to send SMS to their virtual number 
> for last weeks.  Apparently, SMS Global uses Telstra gateway but they 
> are not able to help with Optus network issues?
> If someone from Optus network can reach out to me off list that would 
> be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Patrick Choi
> GCNetwork Services
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