[AusNOG] modern awards

Terry Sweetser terry at ionetworks.com.au
Mon Aug 29 10:57:24 AEST 2022

Hi Philip,

Alas, this is where you will find a big gap in the structure of awards in Australia: very few Network Engineers qualify for IEAust/EA membership.

Have a look at the Professional Employees Award:

Refer to:

(Copy Pasta)

The Professional Award covers employers mainly engaged in the information technology, medical research, quality auditing or telecommunications services industries and their employees who fit within the classifications of the award.
Employees are also covered if they perform professional engineering and scientific duties, unless another award with a more appropriate classification covers their employer.
The information technology industry means:

  *   designing and manufacturing computers, peripherals and software, and telecommunications equipment
  *   installing, repairing and maintaining computer systems
  *   computer consultancy services
  *   computer programming
  *   system analysis services
  *   designing, developing and maintaining online internet architecture and facilitating online content management, or
  *   work associated with any of the above.

Who the Professional Award doesn’t cover

The following employers and employees are not covered by the Professional Award:

  *   information technology employees who don’t have formal academic qualifications or sufficient experience to be a Certified Professional of the Australian Computer Society
  *   engineers who don’t have formal academic qualifications or sufficient experience to be a member of Engineers Australia
  *   scientists who don’t have formal academic qualifications and don’t qualify for membership in one of their professional bodies
  *   medical researchers who work for health services or higher education organisations as defined in the award
  *   quality auditors who don’t satisfy the educational and experience requirements set out in the award
  *   local government employees covered by another award
  *   employees who mainly do clerical and administrative work.

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Terry – would you mind expanding on your comment that “The award does NOT cover technologists and engineers”? Are you suggesting that there is a more suitable award for Network Engineers?

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I suggest a quick look at:

Applies (quoted):

For the purposes of clause 4<https://awardviewer.fwo.gov.au/award/show/MA000041#P102_5334> telecommunications services industry means any business:
(a) whose principal function is a telecommunications service carrier;or
(b) whose principal function is a carriage service provider or a content service provider;or
(c) whose principal function is the supply of telecommunications services including value added telecommunications services;or
(d) whose principal function is incidental,ancillary or complementary to the businesses referred to in clauses 4.2(a)<https://awardviewer.fwo.gov.au/award/show/MA000041#P106_5805>,4.2(b)<https://awardviewer.fwo.gov.au/award/show/MA000041#P107_5876> and 4.2(c)<https://awardviewer.fwo.gov.au/award/show/MA000041#P108_5968>;or
(e) which supplies labour to a business in the telecommunications services industry on a labour hire basis in respect of any such labour hire employees while engaged in the performance of work for a business in the telecommunications services industry.
IANAL, but B and D look close “enough” for webhosting companies.  The award does NOT cover technologists and engineers.

And of course, read the NES at


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Subject: Re: [AusNOG] modern awards
Oh, and the link to download the actual PDF is https://portal.fairwork.gov.au/ArticleDocuments/872/business-equipment-award-ma000021-pay-guide.pdf.aspx - summary is $21.94 to $27.75.


On Sat, 27 Aug 2022 at 08:30, Rob Thomas <xrobau at gmail.com<mailto:xrobau at gmail.com>> wrote:
I feel it's 100% on topic, and whilst I don't have any award employees here in au, EXTREMELY useful to know the right one to use when we need it!

Thanks Greg and Nick.


On Sat, 27 Aug 2022 at 08:17, Greg Lipschitz <glipschitz at summitinternet.com.au<mailto:glipschitz at summitinternet.com.au>> wrote:
Hi Nick

I would have said that that is the wrong award as it’s for Retail. (Think shop assistant etc)

Perhaps look at

Examples of employees covered by the Business Equipment Award include:

  *   technical employees and technicians

That seems more appropriate.


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Just been asked to ensure staff are paid at correct rates, I am satisfied they are, however one guy has questioned it, he's not making a fuss, but it's got me thinking, so I thought I'd ask the community here who surely would know, before I go contacting and waiting 3 months for a reply from FWA - before this dude just make a fuss :now we have a union run govt ->
This is a webhosting company, only 6 employees, the guy is one of 3 helpdesk tech support CSR's,  he questions he is in the correct award, we have him under MA000041 and cust contact  level 1 (he has no special qualifications and doesnt have server level access, your typical run of the mill tech support dude)

Anyone see this as a problem?
OFF list replies welcome, since I think this might exceed the list charter, to which I apologise for in advance.
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