[AusNOG] RS2BL080 Raid Controller / LSI2108

Shane Chrisp shane at 2000cn.com.au
Fri Aug 19 22:19:03 AEST 2022

On 19/8/22 19:08, Shane Chrisp wrote:

Thanks to everyone that responded, after rebooting the system, what 
feels like 1000 times, the card finally responded and has booted so I am 
getting an image now. Here is hoping that it survives long enough to get 
all the data off.


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> Hi all and sorry for the noise. I have a clients Server which has been 
> brought in so we can image it and convert it to a VM, but as luck 
> would have it, between shutting it down and it arriving here, the raid 
> controller has completely died.
> So I am reaching out to everyone I can think of to see if anyone in 
> Perth would happen to have a spare LSI2108 based 8 port raid 
> controller that I could borrow or buy for a couple of days to get the 
> data off of this server?

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