[AusNOG] Draytek 130 blank username/passwords

Dmitry Konchanin dmitry.konchanin at dtsanz.com
Tue Jun 22 14:09:28 EST 2021

It was ages ago, but I think I saw from time to time a combination of 
checkboxes on Draytek 120/130 itself that makes it do "own" pppoe 
attempt in parallel with PPPoE passthrough.
Try to change from pppoe to static for wan AND pppoe passthrough enabled?


On 22/06/2021 3:33 pm, Benjamin Ricardo wrote:
> Hi All,
> Looking for some shared experience here.
> We’ve had a complaint from our NBN wholesaler that our Draytek’s, 
> which are configured in PPPoE passthrough, are sending blank 
> authentications to their Radius server at a rate which is impacting 
> their services.
> Our standard deployment since about 2010 has been to deploy an xDSL 
> type modem in PPPoE passthrough and then use a router to send the 
> authentication. Interestingly we’ve never had this complaint before…
> Our work around was that our wholesaler requires the credentials to be 
> sent on a vlan so instead of using the Draytek to handle the vlan-ing 
> we changed the router to insert the vlan (so the Draytek can be as 
> noisy as it likes and it doesn’t affect them)
> I’m wondering if others have also had this experience with these 
> devices… and what you did about it?
> Also, surely if the stupid Draytek is in pppoe passthrough it should 
> know not to try to authenticate itself???
> Cheers,
> Ben
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