[AusNOG] Getting a network out of a box...

Paul Jones paul at pauljones.id.au
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Get Ubiquiti 5G ptp gear and place the transceivers on opposite sides of a projection port. You should have no trouble getting 50Mbit through that, particularly if the beamwidth is narrow. 


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> I hope this is not inappropriate for this forum...
> We need to stream from a particular venue that has no wired access in the
> space we will be streaming from. It's a cinema, so every wall and the ceiling is
> fireproofed/firewalled. Punching holes in any of them is a big, big deal, and
> not going to happen for one event. The floor is concrete. The venue has wifi,
> but our experiments have shown it to be poor - one access point, quite
> distant and through a couple more walls.
> The projection room is directly adjacent and through only one wall, and it has
> excellent access to the venue's wired network. There are glass projection
> ports in that wall, but they do not open. 2.4G reaches from the space into the
> projection room OK, 5GHz does not do so well. With an audience in the
> space, all with mobile phones, all with wifi turned on, we are concerned that
> we will lose wifi performance, even if the signal strength is good, and even
> though we will not be permitting those devices to actually associate with the
> wifi.
> So how do we stream from inside this space to the outside world with
> anything approaching speed or reliability? The bandwidth bottleneck will be
> the venue's NBN connection, but anything that is as fast or faster than (say)
> 50mb/s will do the job.
> Right now my best solution - and I doubt a very good one - is to put a 2.4GHz
> access point against the wall inside the projection room, wired to the venue
> network, put a wifi station against the wall outside the projection room, and
> run an ethernet cable to the streaming station.
> Any other ideas gratefully received.
> Regards, K.
> PS Mobile telephony is not an option here. FSO might work through the
> projection ports, but probably expensive, LOS will be a problem with an
> audience, and we'd probably have difficulty with accurate mounts (the
> available tech is nailguns and hot glue :-)
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