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Nick Pratley nick at npratley.net
Fri Jul 9 15:05:34 EST 2021

Hey Rhys,

You are correct in all cases.

1. You pay for a port and the VLL / VXC
2. Provider hands you the service as a VLAN on your port
2. Your customer pays AWS hosted port rate and the outbound traffic rate.
3. You do not need an AWS account.

When ordering the service, you'll provide your customers Amazon Account
Number. With this, your partner orders the service to that AWS Account, and
your customer gets a request to approve.

For IX Australia, we don't charge for the first 5 VLLs per port within the
same exchange :-)

Kind Regards,
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On Fri, Jul 9, 2021 at 3:00 PM Rhys Hanrahan <rhys at nexusone.com.au> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I have a customer who might be interested in a DirectConnect private VIF.
> I have talked to an AWS partner about their costs (Port + Virtual Circuit
> cost) but I’m a bit fuzzy on how the billing works on the AWS side (i.e.
> who gets billed us or them?). Can anyone confirm if I have this breakdown
> right? I’ve looked at doing a public VIF ourselves in the past but unclear
> on the private VIFs.
> Also – I am looking to push DirectConnect as a more reliable solution
> because the existing IPSec tunnel keeps droping out (I assume DirectConnect
> is a private VLAN so is it considered acceptable to not encrypt the BGP
> session generally?). If anyone has any anecdotes that confirm DirectConnect
> being more reliable/performing better/lower latency, that would be much
> appreciated! I’d love to be able to solidly say that Direct Connect will be
> a better experience.
> My understanding, based on: https://aws.amazon.com/directconnect/pricing/
> and https://docs.megaport.com/cloud/megaport/aws/hosted-vif/
>    - We pay a partner for a port
>    - We pay a partner for a VXC connection that links to a particular AWS
>    account (I assume this links to the end customer’s AWS account – not ours?)
>    - The VXC gets handed off to us as a VLAN on our side that we can then
>    hand off to a CPE, and shows as a private VIF on customer’s AWS account.
> Then:
>    - The end customer pays the hosted connection “port” rate on their AWS
>    account (so we don’t get charged this?)
>    - The end customer pays the data transfer outbound pricing per GB on
>    their account (so we don’t get charged this?)
>    - The VIF gets linked to the customer’s Virtual Private Gateway and we
>    can setup a BGP session between the two endpoints.
> So if I am understanding right, we don’t even really need an AWS account
> ourselves to deliver this service via a partner? Unfortunately getting firm
> answers on the AWS side of things from the partner has been tricky.
> Appreciate any guidance – if anyone knows Megaport or IX Australia’s
> pricing for this kind of thing that would be great too as I’m looking at my
> options.
> Thanks everyone! Happy Friday.
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