[AusNOG] Adding the geofeed: field to RPSL inetnum and inet6num objects in APNIC whois

Elly Tawhai elly at apnic.net
Wed Feb 10 19:08:39 EST 2021

Hi AUSNOG Community,

A discussion in the RIPE DB-WG in 2020 and 2021 has explored
the addition of a geofeed: marker in RPSL (in inetnum, inet6num



This is in relation to work under consideration in the IETF
Operations and Management Area Working Group (opsawg)


Geofeeds are defined in RFC8805 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8805)

They are a format for a network operator to publish a mapping
of IP address prefixes to simplified geolocation information,
colloquially termed a "geolocation feed”

The DB-WG has been discussing adding a field to RPSL inetnum
and inet6num objects, to permit resource holders to publish a
URL to their own RFC8805 data to inform people where to find it.

As discussed at the RIPE81 meeting
this mechanism has been adopted by Google and other geolocation
providers and over 1000 geofeed sources now exist worldwide.

APNIC Secretariat has an opportunity to update our systems to
support use of the geofeed: field in inetnum and inet6num Whois

We are interested in understanding community support for this work.

Kind regards,

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