[AusNOG] [Wollongong/Sydney] - Nexus 5548 needed for POC - Borrow

Jason Leschnik jason at leschnik.me
Fri Dec 24 07:43:26 AEDT 2021

Hi all,

Sorry for allowing this to leak out of classifieds but I'd like to expand
it to a larger audience who might not be able to sell these.

We've currently got a few changes + issues with our Nexus 5548's (/w L3
daughter cards) in our DC and we don't have cold spares to test/compare
against. I'm wondering if anyone has a pair of these kicking around (with
the L3 enabled daughter cards) they're willing to lend.

I can pick up/drop back anywhere in a ~200km radius of Wollongong.

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