[AusNOG] Outlook Mobile (OT)

Graham Maltby graham at maltby.id.au
Fri Dec 17 14:35:11 AEDT 2021

Afternoon all,

While attempting to sort out some autodiscover / activesync processes 
last night, I installed Outlook on my mobile (current Android version 
from the Play Store). Setup and an account and logged in.

To my dismay, I find my phone is not connecting over the LAN to the 
server 4m away but instead a server in Seoul, South Korea is connecting 
and downloading my mail instead. Aside from the woeful performance, it 
raises a lot of concerns with privacy, security and data sovereignty. 
The most annoying part (if that was not sufficient), is that 14 hours 
after deleting the account from "all devices" and uninstalling the app, 
the server is still logging in and collecting mail now (or was until I 
changed the password).

Is this common knowledge I have just missed all these years?

Is there a reason the media are not making noise about this?

Does nobody care because it's pretty?

I have very low expectations when it comes to Microsoft but this poor by 
any measure.


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