[AusNOG] Amazon Prime subscription scam

Luke Thompson luke.t at tncrew.com.au
Mon Dec 6 14:46:04 AEDT 2021

I'd rather Amazon Prime (which is "popular") than the 
increasingly-aggressive ones that claim I'm being deported due to my 
Visa having expired. "We are on our way to your home."

The frequency and variety is certainly on the increase. My other half's 
mobile is a single digit (the last one) off my own, so typically her 
phone lights up then mine does 30-90 seconds later. Robo-scamming for days.

Isn't there an AFP one as well? Where you're being taken to Court due to 
not paying a parking fine (or some other small thing). Seems crazy, 
though vaguely believable to the average Joe/Jenny.


Luke Thompson
Operations Manager

On 6/12/21 2:38 pm, Kai wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just received a call which displayed as 0425 354 906, went straight to 
> an automated female voice with Australian accet saying that my Amazon 
> Prime subscription (which I don't have) for $99.99 will be auto 
> renewed and press 1 to speak to an Accounts representative if I do not 
> wish for this to happen.
> I don't have an Amazon prime account and didn't press 1, although I 
> was tempted to, just to hear how far they tried to go to obtain my 
> bank or other personal details.
> FYI in case any of your customer (or your family) may have a similar 
> call. Enough people must still think these are legit or the scammers 
> wouldn't keep trying.
> I also got another "your package will arrive" SMS scam about an hour ago.
> Cheers
> Kai
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