[AusNOG] Melbourne Primus/Vocus datacenter at 55 King closing

Shah Hardik shah.hardik at techflow.com.au
Thu Apr 15 11:48:41 EST 2021

Guys, I don’t think this is the first time any organisation is reacting to
change of circumstances or change of strategy.

Vocus like every other provider has full right to relocate customers or
offer them to leave – which is a sad thing for customers off course but if
we are suggesting that no other company have ever done this then we are
clearly being selective about what we choose to see.

Obviously every customer deserves the right to be notified and helped to
most extent when any of their services are going to be affected. But again,
we don’t know if none of the customers have been notified or some or maybe
there is some other strategy/solution that Vocus might have for customers
going to be impacted. I know as a fact that “some” other customer were well
aware of the 55 King shutting since November as those customers are moving
their colo to us. So its unfair to blame the whole organisation without
knowing the full facts.

   - Again if we are claiming that every provider in the market is perfect
   in everything they do and how they handle changes/outages, I think we are
   being delusional.

Regarding Vocus trying to offload its DC in 2017 – its not the first nor
the last time a business chooses to do something of that nature. I have
been personally involved in many discussions around providers offloading
DCs or small space or cages (Pipe, AAPT, Telstra, Vocus and many other
“Service providers” moving out of GS) to name a few and impacted customers
in every occasions disappointed with the situation. However that is what I
have seen as a norm in last 15 years and I don’t think it will change in

I am sure we all thrive to deliver best services to our customers and
obviously we expect the best from our providers – but beating someone over
without knowing full facts is unfair to say the least. I guess we will see
in a few weeks/months about what happens with 55 King St.

p.s. the link to the article was provided by Nick as DA as evidence was
requested to prove the claim of knockdown vs conspiracy.

Best regards,

Shah Hardik


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100% as I said they need to close those sites, but I can’t find a reason
for Doody St. Seems that’s just been tagged onto the 55 King St reason.

Just terrible that no one got notice and it was announced here :(

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On 14 April 2021, 9:57 pm AEST jamesmurphyau at me.com wrote:

I don't think anyone is disputing the fact its the truth (are they?) - I
think people are more speculating the fact that it couldn't possibly be the
truth if the first they are hearing about it is on a mailing list (rather
than from their account manager)

It seems like - as bad as that would be - that's exactly what has
happened.. And if Vocus is remaining in any type of Telecommunication
business after exiting the Datacenter business, they're going to have to
offer some ridiculously cheap prices or suck some major ass after this (now
public) major ball drop ..

People (well, definitely me) are reading this email thread wondering how on
earth people are really only finding out about these data centre plans via
a mailing list or by finding a lost email in their spam folder?!?

We just left 55 King over the past two weeks - so I'm glad we weren't as
unlucky as others.. But if we were just finding out about this after
reading this email thread, I'm sure my boss would be loosing it

On 14 Apr 2021, at 9:55 pm, Nick Pratley <nick at npratley.net> wrote:

Seems legit...


Charter Hall seem to want to knock the building down.

On 14 Apr 2021, 9:34 PM +1000, Jared Hirst <
jared.hirst at serversaustralia.com.au>, wrote:

Link the DA / Plan for the sites then if it's a co-incidence? Vocus tried
to offload the business in 2017 and couldn't.


Vocus also confirmed it had appointed advisors to sell off its Australian
data centre assets. Vocus operates 20 data centres in Australia, which were
valued at $160 million by Macquarie analysts in May, according to a report
in the *Australian Financial Review.
made $46.5 million from its data centre business in FY17, down from $50
million the previous financial year.

The company said it would continue to evaluate its other non-core
Australian assets for a potential sale, and that it had received further
approaches for potential acquisitions since announcing the asset review in

Sounds 100% like a shut down is happening. Which I think is a great idea,
the Doody street site and 55 King are both terrible sites, but they should
be open about it if that is the truth.

- Jared

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On April 13, 2021, 4:27 PM GMT+10 nathanael at prodigy.com.au wrote:

Unless there’s a replacement planned (particularly one planned to open
before the existing one closes), I’m not sure whether it really matters
whether there was an external or internal motivation for the change, the
end result is much the same.

-Nathanael Bettridge

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Hi All,

There is no grand conspiracy here. 55 King is being knocked down by the
building owner for a bigger tower, 59 Doody has a road planned to go
through it.

Certainly we could do better with notifications and I'm sure your account
managers would love to hear feedback on how we can improve.



On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 10:41 AM Nathanael Bettridge <
nathanael at prodigy.com.au> wrote:

Our account manager just advised (after we had to ask first) that the 59
Doody St NSW DC is closing November 2022 as well, so looks like they’re
exiting the business entirely.

-Nathanael Bettridge

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Hi All

I have just found an email lost in my spam folder than the Melbourne Primus
datacenter at 55 King Street operated by Vocus is closing down in 4 months
on the 1st of August 2021.

I know this is an old datacentre but every time I visit its full of servers
and has been very stable since they had power issues 10 years ago so I do
not understand why its closing down and now the headache of finding a new
provider and moving our servers with only four months notice.

I have had no contact from our account manager, no phone call from anyone
which is disappointing and no option provided by Vocus to move our servers
to a new location.

Surely if you are actually going to close down a datacenter you would offer
to move your customers to a new location free of charge and how about all
the network and fiber providers in this location what will happen to them.

Has anyone else received notification that the Primus 55 King Street
datacenter is closing down or are they just trying to get rid small


Adam – CCNP Senior Network & Systems Administrator

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