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Rhys Cuff (Speedweb Internet) Rhys at team.speedweb.com.au
Wed Sep 2 12:23:07 EST 2020

Hi Guys

Has anyone had much experience with using Vrrp on a Mikrotik?
It seemed pretty easy to setup but the manual said the floating IP must be a /32 and to put an IP on the physical interface with a /24
This seemed wrong so I just put a /24 on the Vrrp interface and a completely different subnet on the physical interface for the routers to communicate.

Thinking I was clever all was well till about 1am two days after I did this, then it completely failed, switching back and forth from master to backup, basically having two masters on and off.

Is having a /32 on the vrrp really necessary, if so why?
Why would it have been all good for two days?

So my config that lasted two days
Vrrp (floating IP I care about)
Physical  (to communicate with master/backup routers)

How the manual says to do it

Doing it the second way will mean a lot more IP's/config as I want to have around 20 floating IP's

Thanks again for any help.


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