[AusNOG] Problems with domestic and international route for a specific prefix

Christopher Hawker email at chrishawker.com.au
Mon Oct 5 21:24:02 EST 2020

Hi All,

I am having a routing issue, where any traffic destined for a certain prefix appears to be routed from the major carriers (Telstra, Optus, AAPT/TPG, etc.) to SingTel, Zayo, PCCW, Telia, etc. then Superloop and then onto the destination network here in Sydney.

For example, the AS paths appear as:

Telstra - 1221 6461 38195 9280 18345 ...
AAPT - 2764 7545 3491 38195 9280 18345 ...
Optus - 7474 7473 38195 9280 18345 ...
Vodafone - 1273 1299 38195 9280 18345 ...

The prefix is being announced out of Sydney, and all traffic is being routed from Sydney to LA then back across to its destination.

If anyone may have any ideas as to what could be causing this, please feel free to contact me off-list.

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