[AusNOG] Mobile Data Capacity - Where's the bottleneck?

Bradley Amm brad at bradleyamm.com
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"That tends to be more a regional issue when backhauled by microwave"

I guess also some areas that have only Telstra backhaul (Think anything
north of Geraldton in WA for example) would only buy minimal amounts of
backhaul from Telstra to a capital city.

On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 11:26 AM Joseph Goldman <joe at apcs.com.au> wrote:

> I do a 'little' bit of radio work so I am in no way an expert.
> From my understanding it can be a mixture of both. Metro areas shouldn't
> really have a problem on backhaul as busy towers would have 10, 40, or even
> 100gbit circuits to the base of the tower, that tends to be more a regional
> issue when backhauled by microwave.
> Spectrum - to simplify things think of a single chain Wireless 802.11G,
> old school 54mbps Wifi in the 2.4ghz 20mhz channel (or 10mhz, i forget what
> G was) - 54Mbps is the total airtime so to speak, that means 1 user using
> it can get up to 54mbps, add 10 users, and they all try using it together,
> they are not all going to get 54mbps at the same time. They are essentially
> sharing that pool of bandwidth between them.
> There are of course many other factors, TDMA timings, spectrum sharing,
> MIMO etc, but at a simple overview, more people putting more demand in the
> air = more noise for the radios to fit in a limited spectrum.
>  As said there is a lot more to it then that but should get the discussion
> started.
> On 2020-03-23 2:01 PM, Roy Adams wrote:
> +1 needed for clarification also.
> Philippines carriers are a mess.
> Just to add to the mix, the provider I use has 10+ APN's, and on any given
> day, 1 or 2 of the APN's will be consistently faster than the other 8.
> Each APN is likely being broadcast by a different radio/cell on the tower
> (or even potentially different towers), if certain cells/APN's are super
> busy, then you are likely getting onto the less busy ones when you get
> better results.
> So Backhaul, Spectrum, APN are the factors where I cannot figure the
> slowness.
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> signal
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> On Mon, 23 Mar 2020 at 12:42, Troy Kelly <troy at troykelly.com> wrote:
>> I understand that this isn't directly related to shifting packets - but
>> it's come up in discussions a few times, and I feel like my understanding
>> of things is wrong - if somebody has a few minutes for a diversion to their
>> day - I'd love some clarity.
>> If a mobile carrier was to remove data caps, there would obviously be
>> increased demand on the network. One of the arguments against removing data
>> caps is that there is "not enough spectrum" available - and this there
>> would be a massive speed impact for all users of the cell/tower.
>> My understanding was that the tower slowdowns were typically related to a
>> lack of backhaul - but the argument I am seeing is that it is spectrum
>> related.
>> Thanks in advance for any clarity you can share.
>> Troy
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