[AusNOG] COVID-19 Business Prep Suggestions

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at mmc.com.au
Mon Mar 9 15:20:17 EST 2020

If your workforce is not used to working remote then:

- ensuring they know how to and who to contact for IT support? (Is there an external number for that?)
- ensuring you have things like Zoom/BlueJeans/Webex setup for people to use *and* that they have the things they need to drive them (eg. Working headsets)
	- do they know how to use it, schedule meetings using it etc?
- ensuring that any communication apps (eg. Slack) works for people and that they have appropriate groups setup. 
- ensure you have a working/upto date contacts list? Not all companies have a nice, easy to use website for finding this. If people are in offices all the time they just may not have workmates/managers mobile numbers.
- if people need things like laptop chargers to work then can you get them delivered?  Do they have a suitable space at home? (This is OH&S stuff).
- if you have a time clock based work force (eg. They need to show hours) then have you allowed for the reporting of work?
- What do you need to teach managers to help them manage their staff, conduct meetings etc?
	- do you need some quick guides?

Some of this is basic stuff, but, if you’ve got a work force who’s not used to it then think about how to enable to the workforce and make it less scary for them and enable their productivity. 


> On 9 Mar 2020, at 2:29 pm, Robert Haylock <robert.haylock at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> Hearing a few IT related plans crop up, especially around VPN concentrator capacity and external capacity to handle the additional load of a much greater than normal percentage of employees working from home.
> Obviously, if you are lucky enough to have many services moved to the cloud (Office 365, GSuite, etc) then the load is a bit more distributed and the load moves to the residential broadband networks, but I am interested in any other IT related things to prepare you may be recommending to your customers/employers/bosses?
> Rob
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