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Experiences have varied – about 50% are a simple change-over of no more than 5 mins outage which consists of lifting the adsl modem out and putting the NCD in and connecting the new router up.
50% have been horror stories where the ‘NBN Tech’ does a crappy job and nothing works for weeks with multiple callback appointments until you finally get one who gives a …….
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For existing FTTC where the NCD is place should be painless same day activations.
Where there is no previous NCD or NBN service will depend if the service is properly cabled to the DPU or not.
If it’s SC33 per NBN, then should be “plug and play”.
If it’s 33 with a botched roll out or 32 with cut in needed, tech will deal with it E2E
(Level 1 rep for a major ISP)
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On 6 Mar 2020, at 11:36, Rhys Hanrahan <rhys at nexusone.com.au> wrote:
Hi Everyone,
We’re are starting to do our first NBN FTTC installs. And whereas FTTN and FTTB are pretty straight forward to handle remotely with 5-10 mins downtime with pre-configured CPE, I am slightly concerned about the activation process for FTTC and what downtime is involved. I’m wondering if anyone here has any real-world experience of how these things go? We service businesses only and a prolonged outage (hours) would not be OK for our customers. Has anyone been able to do FTTC cutovers without a major impact (especially remotely as we have a few orders interstate)?
I am wondering if we need to make it part of the ordering process that we have backup 4G in place first. But it depends on how severe things are.
We do NBN through AAPT NWB. I’ve read the following (including some answers from AAPT):
*	DPU Cut in / physical swap of copper pair – expect outage of course but can’t say how long beyond “within the appointment window”. Is it fair to expect NBN have done all the major physical work beforehand and this is a simple 5-10m re-termination of the copper line? 
*	We would then continue to run on ADSL until we decide to physically cutover to the NCD.
*	Swap to NCD and subsequent activation – It seems NBNCo checks for data flow a few times a day, and it *might* be possible to swap from ADSL to the NCD at the end of the day, and have it activate by end of day. But AAPT wasn’t able to give any anecdotal evidence that activation can happen overnight and be done by morning. They are only going off NBNCo’s official word that it will take up to 24 hours. Which is a scary thought for business continuity – unless I suppose we do all NCD cutovers on a Friday afternoon.
Appreciate any insights!
Rhys Hanrahan
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