[AusNOG] Microsoft cloud issues?

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>From what I saw on our mail filter side it wasn't a complete outage - was almost like it was rate limited. So mail was trickling through, just some stuff - mainly things with attachments - took longer than others.

I only had one person out of the 200 odd users we have on o365 contact us, and that was someone who had sent some internal emails from their ERP system and hadn't received them immediately like they normally do - and they actually thought it was the ERP system, as they were still getting other emails.

I do definitely think the lack of a throat to choke so to speak has mellowed people out a bit. In most cases they realise that we can't directly "fix" it so to speak.

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Microsoft have publically and openly acknowledged that they had an issue yesterday with their network platform.

The fact that you did not receive calls from your customers may not necessarily indicate the absence of an issue; in fact, I'd say it indicates an increasing acknowledgement and (sadly) acceptance of outages with cloud services in general. What would have once resulted in system admins and support staff getting strips torn off them for services being down is now met with little more than a knowing nod and "Ahhh. We should let the team know about that".

It's also worth noting that direct connectivity to Azure or AWS is great for some businesses, but not applicable or suitable for others - nor is it a guarantee of being unaffected by these kind of issues. As an example, a small 5 person business that relies on 365 for email hosting cannot, and should not have to, in most cases procure an ExpressRoute just to get connectivity to their email or presence platform.

But hey, that's what happens when you put all your eggs on someone elses computer(s).



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> We just had a 8 hour issue with no emails yesterday

I was at the Microsoft Head Office in Melbourne yesterday and was still
able to recieve mail fine.

I'd say some of these issues were specific to certain networks.

I didn't get any urgent calls from customers either.

Microsoft have connectivity directly with most ISPs in Au now a days.
I'd suggest not relying on free peering.

I'd get direct connectivity.

As for Teams for corporate use I would suggest running a Hybrid Cloud
environment for it.

I did notice some delays to email on Tuesday night but none of our stuff
was down totally.

Regards Chad.

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