[AusNOG] going rate for a rooftop installation?

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> > There's no such thing as a "going rate", as the notion of a going rate assumes a functioning market, and obviously, due to the unique geographic nature of each roof top, and the lack of diversity of demand for these services, there aren't the factors of supply and demand that would allow for a market mechanism to dictate price.
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> > So you're saying the price could vary from $0 through to $∞?
> That would very much be up to the property owner/manager to set a price on, every case can be different - even in the same property where a second tenant wants an install after one has been done for $0 - it can come down to how they feel on the day or the standing relationship between the tenant and the property owner/manager . it is entirely possible that if they are getting frequent requests of this type that they may deem it an administrative cost from their point of view, If they want you to pay, then you either pay or seek an alternate solution that doesn't involve roof installation :)

Surely there's a rough average ball park figure, which I'm guessing
the OP was asking for.

$100? $500? $2500? $5000? $10 000? $100 000? $1 000 000?

The length of a piece of string might be infinite in theory and
abstract. In practice there's going to be an average length, which
string users will know the price of (and I guess will be the average
price and length of a ball.)

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