[AusNOG] FNN preservation for client during port

Cameron Murray cameron.murray at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 15:07:19 EST 2019


Can;t help you with a contact however a way around this we found is get
Telstra to setup a Exchange based divert to a temporary number and wait out
the porting. While there is an active order/transfer on a number they are
not meant to be able to turn the service off however have seen them still
kill services but the EBD will help you out here.

On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 2:04 PM Ross Marston <ross at ramtech.net.au> wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone please contact me (off list is fine if you'd prefer) with a
> contact within Telstra to speak to please.  We have wasted weeks on this
> and a dead-line is looming.  What we are trying to achieve is as follows...
>  - A Client has contacted us (2 weeks ago) to tell us that their copper
> lines are being disconnected on the 8th Feb 19.
>  - We Submitted Class 'A' port request for the client's main number to a
> new carrier, as nothing funky on the PSTN service.
>  - Port request has been rejected as a complex service (but they won’t
> tell us what the complexity is)
>  - Disconnect Date is looming, and we stand the chance of the client's
> main advertised number being lost, and if the new port request also fails
> (and a Class 'C' takes 6 weeks) we have no control over the number.
> Catastrophe for the client, and we seem powerless to change it.
> How do we find out what complex services are on the number to allow a
> Class 'A' port to proceed quickly and preserve the number for the client.
> We have spoken to just about everyone we can find (literally 50-60 phone
> calls) in Telstra with no joy what-so-ever.
> Any (urgent) help, greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards
> Ross Marston
> Ramtech
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