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Hi. I work for a Security firm as a Principal Consultant and what you
described is what we do.  I will ask one of the sales guys to give you a

0403 866 120

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Hi All,

Sorry for the noise, but I am looking for some suggestions in terms of a
security company who can perform an audit/testing, with some sort of
certification for some new infrastructure we are due to setup. I am hoping
there’s some people who can give me some off-list replies to point me in
the right direction in terms of some companies to speak to.

For some context: We are in the process of providing a dedicated hosting
setup for a customer who will be hosting a private website. The project is
due to start in mid-late Janauary and the site itself is only small, but
the customer’s board is going to require that we provide some level of
certification or assurance that the infrastructure will be secure. So the
best way I can see of providing this is an independent review/test of the
infrastructure. They are coming from an environment that has both ISO 27001
and SOC 2 compliance, and although I feel this is overkill for the size of
the project, we do need to give them something.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Rhys Hanrahan
Chief Information Officer
Nexus One Pty Ltd

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