[AusNOG] More legislative interventions

andy at coastalaudio.com.au andy at coastalaudio.com.au
Tue Apr 9 21:33:06 EST 2019

Let's see this wonderful "fingerprint" Paul...

Video fingerprinting is used for copyright purposes and is of no use in
detecting "suspect" videos.
The AI algorithm required to do this would require a lot of processing
Just how is a provider supposed to finance the development of said
And then apply it in real time across an entire network?
The computational power required would be enormous, thus YouTube's abject
failure in this area.

Open NSFW is an open source neural network that struggles with static
How is a provider supposed to monitor video in real time?

An interesting Open NSFW talk here -


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On 9/4/19 2:22 pm, Paul Wilkins wrote:
> 2 - Ensure you have in place a mechanism to match electronic 
> fingerprints of material similar to anything identified in a eSafety 
> Commissioner's notice.
> By the by, without a mechanism for the eSafety Commissioner to match 
> content (a common mechanism for electronic fingerprinting material 
> across hosting providers), the eSafety Commissioner will find 
> themselves playing whack a mole chasing content specific to each 
> hosting provider.

What do you think that looks like, exactly? You've brought up this magical
fingerprint technology multiple times, and been rebuffed multiple times,
with no response. I think it's irresponsible to suggest that this is an easy
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