[AusNOG] Telstra multiple service faults - Chatswood Exchange?

Andrew Yager andrew at rwts.com.au
Wed Apr 3 00:45:00 EST 2019


We've got a bunch of headend services out in NextDC, Global and Eqx, and I
see Eqx also have reported a transit outage on their eqx connect product
(which i'm assuming is telstra cause it lines up), and I know a few other
people who have services down. The services affected are all likely fed
from the chatswood exch (although I can't 100% confirm this is the case).

Chatting to the Telstra Recall team, it looks like they're currently
sending techs to a bunch of exchanges around the site and wanting to do
tests in the DC's; but they all seem to be ignorant of the multiple cases
for different services

Is anyone from Telstra watching along and able to get someone to correlate
them together? I feel like someone should have picked up the link… but you
know what they say about assumptions… and I can also see that there hasn't
been an outage posted about it yet.

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