[AusNOG] Sexual Harassment at AUSNOG Industry Events

Ian Manners admin at comkal.net
Sun Sep 30 14:38:35 EST 2018

Hi Christian,


> I am impartial therefore Bevan claim(s) are valid if he provides the
> supporting evidence as e-mail has the lowest "burden of proof".

I speak only for myself.

I understand where you are coming from but this something to start
people thinking about their actions, unless there is further action
planned I see no reason for further burden of proof to be given.

With Bevan's industry reputation, background and experience,
he comes with a very high degree of built up trust.

> I am not sure the position that you should be advocating is that men should
> protect women and this is what women are seeking, can you please clarify?

Not speaking for others but it is not about men protecting women, it's
about men (and the odd woman) having respect for others as humans/people.

Women do not require protection beyond what all people should expect, they
do require a level field where we all share this world/space, and we are all
people who are socialising and networking in a safe and consensual manner.

No one is an object, we are all people.


Ian Manners
Of nowhere in particular.

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