[AusNOG] NBN FTTN TC2 Services WA North West

David Fowler David.Fowler at datacom.com.au
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Hi Brad

Sounds similar to our issue. I’ve sent umpteen graphs and iPerf results to Vocus.

Can I ask what the latency is on those links for you? Vocus are telling us it’s the latency at ~45ms that is causing the issues. Various throughput calculators are giving me anywhere between 8-9.5Mbps of bandwidth, yet we seem to be only able to achieve around half.



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Hi David,

I had a similar problem in the Wollongong area. We connected up the first TC2 in that area and when we tested the service, we never got the order speed. I logged a fault with OPTUS and sent them traffic graphs and test results. A day or two later they fixed the issue, they hadn't provisioned or ordered the back haul correctly.

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On 13 June 2018 at 18:15, David Fowler <David.Fowler at datacom.com.au<mailto:David.Fowler at datacom.com.au>> wrote:
Hi Folks

Is anyone else running NBN TC2 only services? Having issues with services running in the North West that are all backhauled to the Geraldton POI.

Latency doesn’t seem extreme for the distance, usually ~45ms, but on say a 10Mb TC2 service, we’re only achieving ~5.5Mbps. FTTN services connected to other WA POIs, tops ~18ms, but seem to run OK.

Any ideas?



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