[AusNOG] Security, the government, and sweets

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Fri Nov 10 17:22:39 EST 2017

I'm sure that there are many people, probably quite a few who are on this list, who have been receiving the TSSR information from our friends at the Government Critical Infrastructure Centre, and a couple of hundred of them who are also carriers, if not here is the link, you really should have a look.....AG Telco Security Webpage
I found it refreshing when considering the TSSR effort to make us all believe that we knew nothing about how to secure our networks, ok so some might not, but alas found it refreshing to know that one of the key government organisations which we are supposed to be co-operating with as an industry, amazingly the Competition Branch of the Department of Communication and Arts, decided this morning to send every carrier the email addresses of the primary contact for every other carrier.
Maybe some people don't see any issue with this, but seriously, this is what the government who are telling us that they need to vet our networks, equipment, and firmware before we can use it are doing themselves.
I honestly wonder how in today's world of communications, when somebody doesn't know how to use a CC field in an email to protect the recipients of such emails then how are they supposed to know better than the industry about stuff as complicated as security.
Sorry for the rant, but I just felt it needed to be said J
Please don't flame me, it's Friday !!
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