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Brendan Halley brendan at halley.net.au
Wed Apr 12 15:06:52 EST 2017

I'm very disappointed that the central project is not longer connecting
into Hobart as has been advised on the SubPartners website for quite a
while. Instead it is going through Bass Strait. This would have been a huge
opportunity for Tasmania.

Does anyone know if there are plans to have offshoots of this cable to
Launceston or Melbourne?

On 1 Apr. 2016 3:26 pm, "Mark Delany" <g2x at juliet.emu.st> wrote:

> On 01Apr16, Joel Nath allegedly wrote:
> > I think I read somewhere subpartners  was building a Syd-Perth link also
> ?
> Presumably APX-Central, that would be in their marketing blurb.
> Not yet a committed project based on
> http://www.subpartners.net/cables/apx-central-progress.html, but it
> does point to the fact that the PER->SYD market is ripe for
> exploitation by newcomers. Particularly as it will soon have a nice
> fat path to Singapore and beyond.
> Look. This is no criticism of subpartners. That they got this project
> up at all, is awesome. It's just too bad that the disrupters seem to
> be absent.
> Mark.
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