[AusNOG] Telstra's Texan Teaser - Tin Foil Stetsun anyone?

Joseph Goldman joe at apcs.com.au
Mon Jun 25 16:47:40 EST 2012

  Through a 40~ odd minute phone call, I was able to speak to a chap in 
`Level 2 Technical Support`, who has confirmed for me that it is a part 
of Telstra's core system, where they track the websites you have visited 
for bill reporting purposes.

  In other words, I confirmed with the chap (I have a reference for this 
call), that he could request billing to show a list of websites I have 
visited and how long I was on those websites.

  He informed me that these services hitting the same website is tied in 
with that system.

  It doesn't make sense why they would hit the site again as a GET, as 
they could pull this from a transparent proxy, and the purpose of 
scraping the website to gain extra insight about what i'm browsing, 
would suggest they would keep the path/query string instead of just 
hitting the root of the site, to actually see what content I am browsing.

  I was also informed that I can not opt-out of this occurring, so I 
plan to contact ACCC or TIO in the morning to see what they can tell me 
about the practise (who would you think is better?).

Interesting indeed.

On 25/06/12 3:38 PM, James Nicol wrote:
> Eric, you should check this out.
> http://www.zdnet.com.au/google-maps-coordinate-tracks-employees-339340095.htm
> James
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> >Could it be that telstra are passing your browsing history in real 
> time to a marketing company who are then looking at the site to gather 
> some sort of marking info on the site you were just looking at.
> Would explain why they are not looking at there own cache.
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> paying Telstra for my exact movements in real time.
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