[AusNOG] Question for Maritime Comms

simon thomason sapage at sapage.net
Sun Sep 11 13:10:55 EST 2011

Hey All,

Just wanted to get some advise from the experts as I have been asked by a friend to look into what options there are for data and audio service for a round the world Yacht?

They are currently finishing off a large personal Cat and have had a little look into what options there are but wanted to know what the best options are.

I have been looking at Iridium services but wanted to know what else was out there and also what tech I should be looking at for them. I am certain there is purpose built systems for boats but what one should I/They been looking into. 

Just floating the question now to point me in the correct direction rather then scratching around with no real idea.

They requirements are "always available" internet and voice service and they would rather pay for a quality service rather than a cheap and nasty service. Not looking at large amounts of data downloads or uploads more just checking mail/news/weather/stocks.


Simon T

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