[AusNOG] NBN Battery backups

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Can sit back now watching grandma and her walking frame really understanding
what the hell is going on

Sit back and wait for the blame game - 


Who Killed Granddad Kenny

The NBN did! Cause they took away he reliable pstn service.




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On 12/10/2011 7:04 AM, Don Gould wrote: 

> &f=142&q=battery 

Yes.  Every question that has been raised on this operational list in this
topic has been well covered already on Whirlpool in the threads I linked

To save you busy people reading the 600 posts on the issue: 

* From what we can tell the power monitoring features of the CybrePower [1]
units, used in TAS, were not connected to the NEC ONTs, so can't be
* The CybrePower units don't monitor battery condition to any sort of
acceptable level, only total failure and low power(ish - as we all know what
that means). 
* The CybrePower units used in TAS will not be the end solution anyway.

Precisely - these were the Tasmanian units - supplied by a different vendor
to the mainland units.

According to
n-2.0.pdf, page 81:

"The battery backup unit will contain the following LED indicators showing
battery status:

*	Mains Power OK
*	Battery Status (OK, needs replacing, failed).
*	Running on battery backup (lit when mains power fails).
*	A series of beeps are also provided to indicate the above

NBN Co's remote monitoring service will enable Access Seekers delivering
services through a UNI-V to identify when a NTU is not being supplied with

An RSP using the PSTN port should receive a network alarm from NBN Co's OSS
when the NTU loses power. Yet to see if the OSS can send through battery
health information *before* it loses power.


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