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I have used a few different systems, and in fact installing Atlassian Jira/Confluence/Crowd/Fisheye for NMIS, an Open Source NMS project, this very minute.  Atlassian makes their tools free for open source projects. Not sure if your community will qualify as open source or not.

 I used Jira and Confluence while I worked for Cisco and they excellent.  Confluence blends well between a CMS and Wiki with some Forum like features.  Jira just plain rocks for issue tracking.

I am currently also using Drupal for a few sites, which is very good, and might work for you, there is a forum add on, RPForum (among others) and the combo of Drupal with the RPForum was looking pretty good, I have that running on a  public website if you want to unicast me.  Drupal's strength is probably its 

I really like MediaWiki, I find the way it presents pages and the auto-TOC's to be great.

A friend of mine swears by WordPress, apparently they had an injection of plugins developed for it.

My advice would be to run a couple up and try them out before you commit to one, there are so many nuances between them, it is really quite a personal preference decision, and unless you want to go through some functional and non-functional requirements analysis you might find trying them faster.




On 07/10/2011, at 2:45 PM, Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:

> On 07/10/2011, at 11:34 AM, Dale Shaw wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm in the process of building a new wiki as a repository for network
>> ops type information (work instructions, configuration standards, site
>> information, howtos, and so on).
>> I've previously used MediaWiki and I guess it was "OK" but I'm
>> interested in learning what other people are using for similar
>> purposes. I was leaning towards DokuWiki, based on a friend's positive
>> experience. We don't have any special requirements, I don't think.
>> LDAP auth required, being able to PDF'ify articles would be nice.
>> Does anything in particular stand out? What are the features of your
>> wiki software that you really like?
> We use DokuWiki internally, and I have to say it drives me nuts..  a LOT of the documentation I'm trying to manage in it is table-formatted, and DokuWiki's table abilities are fairly basic, to say the least..  I also don't know if it's just our install, but the 'remember me' tickbox when you login doesn't seem to do ANYTHING - I still have to login again, if I don't do anything for 15 minutes.
> Its LDAP auth does make things 'easy' from a user-admin perspective, though if you're keeping network/server config and outage procedure info (say, upstream noc authentication details...) in there, if something big goes wrong, you can't access anything in the Wiki :(  Keeping a static export somewhere off-site is a Good Idea (TM) :)
> --DG
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