[AusNOG] Domain Name Group Pty Ltd cheaky marketing...

David Walker davidianwalker at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 16:41:38 EST 2011

Hey Bruce.

On 16/08/2011, Bruce Forster <bruce at tubes.net.au> wrote:
> Hi Noggers,
> Has any noggers gotten one of these notices?

This is "a known scam".


... and so on ad nauseum ...

These "companies" are either trolling whois or looking for websites
(which would probably be very inefficient).
Postal addresses are subsequently either being harvested from websites
and/or Yellow Pages or similar.
Presumably it's automated but still a little more involved than an
email scam (there's snail mail - letters, stamps, printers, legwork,
involved at any rate).

When I looked at this previously it's a breach of the Australian Trade
Practices Act (keyword Australian) or similar specifically because of
the intent to deceive, I'll look it up if you like.
I think this is it:
Probably 53(f) also.
What is a "corporation" ...

Again, it's probably a case of critical mass before this is taken more
seriously but certainly for "companies" that do this and have office
space within Australia the tipping point should not be difficult to
reach ...

Report as always. Until your enthusiasm is dimmed by lack of results.

> Regards,
> Bruce

Best wishes.

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