[AusNOG] Windows Virus people [slightly OT]

Rod rod at rb.net.au
Fri Aug 12 16:25:26 EST 2011

I just refuse to give my details when cold called by anyone.

I tell them (generally Telstra)  they called me and if they want to continue
talking they can talk without me giving my details or they can hang up.
They've said I can call them back and I again refuse unless they tell me the
nature of the call. I'm tired of companies treating us like sheep and no
longer tolerate it. 

Maybe I'm also getting old and cantankerous but I figure that's their
problem, not mine!


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On 12/08/2011, James Williamson <lists at jimiw.net> wrote:
> You might want to try ACMA's list of allocated numbers - 
> http://web.acma.gov.au/numb/openAccess/inquiry/viewAllocationSearch.do

The full database looks to be Australian only.
I don't know much about VOIP but if it's an overseas call that's the end of
that right?

On 12/08/2011, Andrew Yager <andrew at rwts.com.au> wrote:
> Just had an interesting call from Microsoft Windows Support telling me 
> my computer had a virus.
> I told them that the Kernel was missing and it kept restarting.
> They have given me a phone number to call them back on - does anyone 
> have a good way to find the carrier who holds that number to alert 
> them to their customers "dubious" activity? It's quite obviously a 
> VoIP service - sounds like an ILBC codec at one point (at least).

99% probability it's from India. 1% margin of error ...
Probability of getting the service yanked 0% right?

Unless it's an "obvious" scam nothing will happen ... if it's anything like
the web ...
Do it anyway ...

Looking forward to the day that Microsoft start being pro-active about doing
that for you on your behalf ...

You could report here:
At some point this might reach critical mass and there's some diplomatic
communication (Julia drops in for a chat and "oh, by the
way") ...
... from here it certainly looks like the Indian government doesn't have the
same regulatory framework/interest as the Australian.

Not unexpected minor twist ...

They're (Telstra et al.) doing a dis-service to Australians by cold calling
us and asking us to verify ourselves by divulging personal information - and
further prompting us with our year of birth ...
When we ring them they get that stuff right ... apparently they can't swap
the ends around and see the incongruities. I know why they do it but it
doesn't make it sensible. It's easy for them.
Australians are being conditioned by Australian corporations to expect to be
cold-called and asked private details on the phone ... in my experience
we're also being Pavlovianized by the obvious disgust of the corporations
when we don't want to play ball.

Every time Telstra have one of their machines phone me asking for me to key
in my birthdate and whatnot I hang up and phone them back ...
... so I condition myself to have my bullshit meter on eleven ...
... and their CSRs laugh at me when I explain why ...
... well they actually get quite dismissive ...

If only we had some prior art from say the internet or something they could
study and think about.
Like moms and dads getting stung and the last ten years of corporations
saying they will never email us and do such and such ...
effectively nullifying any trust relationships in that sphere and getting
the susceptible to turn their bullshit meter on and to leave it on ...

Perhaps they need to employ someone who's studied computer science or
military history or something ... or been on the internet at least once ...

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Best wishes.
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