[AusNOG] Why you shouldn't worry about switching to IPv6 now

Samantha samantha at smellyblackdog.com.au
Fri Apr 15 01:33:56 EST 2011


Why is it disturbing?

When at short we all know that we need to make the jump to light speed at some time in the future, but what the article states is quite true in fact – most connections are using nat.  

The amount of ipv6 hype of late reminds of the year 2000 bug and all the associated bull that went down with it.
I realise that YES we are running out of a resource.  Yes I know we need to do something about it, but with ipv6 still in its infancy and the amount of hardware still around from when Noah was a lad, what can we do?  We can’t force the existing customer base to buy new routers for ipv6 when there are hardly any around.  Most firmware is still in beta.


I don’t have cotton wool or anything over my eyes, but the what is written is not disturbing to me and our operation.
If a customer does want ipv6 we tunnel to it to them anyway








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Is it just me or does anyone else find this article disturbing?



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