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2009/9/17 Mark Newton <newton at internode.com.au>

> Enough homes have cordless phones that the ability for many people to
> make emergency calls already depends on the availability of 230VAC.

[ ... ]

I'm also trying to work out whether I know anyone who doesn't own a
> mobile phone.  I don't think I do anymore.  A year ago, yes - but not
> anymore.  I reckon if I couldn't make 000 calls on my home phone I'd
> be reaching for my mobile, and I also think there'd be a significant
> number of people who'd do the same thing in the opposite order.
> Maybe line-powered 48VDC phones are turning into a historical relic, and
> their continued support shouldn't be drop-dead mandated as a requirement
> for the new network.

Phones are one thing - you also have to consider medical monitoring for
man-down sensors etc for seniors with in-home care.100% reliable service is
important for them. I know ADT ring me up when the battery in my alarm at
home is starting to fail however some older people (with failing faculties)
may not even be capable of making an appointment or letting a service
technician in to replace a battery. The chances of a frail oldie taking a
fall when the power is out is greater.
I know next to nothing about the manufacture of optical fibre but you'd
think you could order it with copper for power at a reasonable price when
you're ordering 10 bazillion kilometers of the stuff.

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