[AusNOG] [ISOC-AU-mems] Quigley announces architectural "stakein the ground"

Mark Newton newton at internode.com.au
Thu Sep 17 11:45:36 EST 2009

On 17/09/2009, at 10:15 AM, McDonald Richards wrote:

> Good point. Nothing beats the old 48V of line voltage in a disaster
> situation (well... mobile... but not everyone has one of those  
> either!)

Enough homes have cordless phones that the ability for many people to
make emergency calls already depends on the availability of 230VAC.

I'm trying to think about whether any of the houses I've visited over
the last three months have fixed phones plugged directly into a wall.
I don't think /any/ of them do.

I'm also trying to work out whether I know anyone who doesn't own a
mobile phone.  I don't think I do anymore.  A year ago, yes - but not
anymore.  I reckon if I couldn't make 000 calls on my home phone I'd
be reaching for my mobile, and I also think there'd be a significant
number of people who'd do the same thing in the opposite order.

Maybe line-powered 48VDC phones are turning into a historical relic, and
their continued support shouldn't be drop-dead mandated as a requirement
for the new network.

   - mark

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