[AusNOG] Big Air Outage

Stephen Schwetz stephen at schwetz.id.au
Thu May 14 08:10:36 EST 2009

Hi All, 

I have a bigair link that stated paging as down this morning at about
0230h this morning. I have been trying to contact bigair, but it looks like
it is being diverted to a mobile, but not answering. It must be a major
issue, as i can not even get a response to a dig against their domain. 

Does anyone else see this problem, or have any info on what is going on? 


Our service endeavours to catch all email-sourced viruses, but cannot 
guarantee detection and removal of unknown viruses. We still recommend 
that you have antivirus software installed on your computer for the purpose 
of detection, scanning and removal of known/unknown system viruses either 
pre-existing on your PC hard drive or ported to your hard drive from a 
non-email source.

Circumstances where viruses may escape our scanning and detection system
include but are not limited to, new viruses where software manufacturers have
not yet issued signatures, as well as all situations of encrypted emails,
which by their nature cannot be scanned.

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