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Adam Griffiths adam at griffiths.org.au
Sun Jan 18 21:57:32 EST 2009


This feature is in 12.2SB as well as recent 12.2SR (SRC and SRD releases)
and is a key aspect of ISG, but you don't need ISG for this (although it's
great for more funky operations)

Assuming you've got an IOS release that supports this feature, it's pretty
easy to implement what you want.

you need to define the dynamic author (defining the source that will be
sending the RADIUS CoA's) and then craft the CoA packet with the relevent
information for the change that you want to apply, generally this includes
the account session id (can be found in the accounting start/stop or interim
accounting packets) and the relevent VSA's.

The one you want for this operations is the Cisco AV-Pair
ip:sub-qos-policy-in or ip:sub-qos-policy-out where you specify the mqc
policy-map that you wish to apply to the session.


For example
#cisco config to define the RADIUS CoA sender

aaa server radius dynamic-author
 client server-key ciscoaaa
 server-key ciscoaaa

Sample RADIUS CoA Packet attribues:
"Acct-Session-Id" value="00001234"
"cisco-avpair" value="ip:sub-qos-policy-out=SHAPED"
"cisco-avpair" value="ip:sub-qos-policy-in=SHAPED"

This type of feature is pretty typical on any current Broadband edge
platform.  I've now implemented similar things with Vendor A(LU), J, C, and
R/E. (plus another that no longer exists).

DISCLAIMER: I actually work for Cisco, but the comments I give on this
mailing list and others specifically don't represent those of my employer.



On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Simon <simonl at bigair.net.au> wrote:

>  Hi everyone,
> On our systems we use Cisco routers, and we need to slow users once they
> have exceeded their monthly download limit. We have separate peak and
> off-peak time periods so sometimes we need to toggle the user's speed a
> couple of times per day. Kicking the user out of session to apply the new
> limit is not a good solution, which leads to unhappy customers. I know
> people who have solved this problem with:
> * 12.2SB IOS
> * ISG
> Are there any other solutions besides those?
> Regards,
> Simon
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