[AusNOG] Cisco router - In Session Shaping

McDonald Richards macca at vocus.com.au
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Any L2TP termination box that supports RFC3576 (specifically Change of
Authorisation) should allow you to modify subscriber policy on-the-fly. This
would of course need to be coupled with something to detect the out of quota
usage and generate the RADIUS packet but a quick google reveals that even
freeradius supports it so any commercial one should. I think a Cisco box
requires a 12.2SB IOS as per Simon's post below (and probably an equivalent
'feature license'). NFI what version Redback/Juniper would require but you
can bet the feature will be there since the big C have it.






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Hi Simon, 

I am also interested in what solutions people recommend, we have a system
that kicks users off the LNS once they have reached their plan quota limit
and implements a shaping profile using Cisco AVpairs in radius when they

I agree there should be a better way to do it but as of yet have not found a
viable way of performing it so I'd be interested in a nicer solution if
anyone has already found one. 

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[AusNOG] Cisco router - In Session Shaping



Hi everyone, 
On our systems we use Cisco routers, and we need to slow users once they
have exceeded their monthly download limit. We have separate peak and
off-peak time periods so sometimes we need to toggle the user's speed a
couple of times per day. Kicking the user out of session to apply the new
limit is not a good solution, which leads to unhappy customers. I know
people who have solved this problem with: 
* 12.2SB IOS 
* ISG 
Are there any other solutions besides those? 
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