[AusNOG] USB-powered switch +mirror

Steven Lisson stevel at dedicatedservers.net.au
Wed Jan 7 11:37:21 EST 2009


How about an unpowered hub instead of a switch? (not sure how much luck
would have finding a hub these days but may get lucky)

Would solve your mirroring problem along with not needing any power from
USB or anything else.


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I hope this is appropriate question here, be gentle, first post :)
Does anyone know if there is a device available that could be powered
say buy USB port on a laptop that would have a small amount of RJ45
ethernet ports that would act as a switch, and one port being able to
mirror an ethernet port. The idea being, for it to be used for customer
site to do an on-the-spot port mirror for packet captures etc..
I've tried googling, I can find a number of usb powered 4port switches,
but nothing there for port mirroring.
Any ideas appreciated. 
-- Craig Meyers
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