[AusNOG] Wholesale Comms Group Outage - 15/09/08

Nick Brown nick at inticon.net
Mon Sep 15 04:04:21 EST 2008

Morning All,

While I can see other providers I know of who use WCG are also offline, 
is someone here actually able to confirm they are seeing no port 80 / 
443 on both ingress / egress capacity?

I am able to get in both directions anything except HTTP + HTTPS, 
however am able to get HTTP on non standard ports (8443, 2086 etc). 
Which raises the next question - Do WCG proxy 80 / 443, and if so why 
the hell do they proxy on my wholesale transit product?

I have a ticket open with them however don't really expect anything to 
be done till 9.30.


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