[AusNOG] Write up - Big ISP, little ISP, local internet exchanges

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Tue Sep 9 09:25:05 EST 2008

> Up to now people only say that it is a tricky implementation (which it is), but nobody who has
> said that the approach wasn't going to work.
I guess I look at it like this:  if you can't think of a clever, 
reliable and robust way of filtering out the traffic for the current 
model then how does adding extra layers, complexity and latency allow 
you to do any better?   You'll still need to be able to do the same 
filtering, in the same way on the same kind of routers in your model, so 
you don't seem to have improved things by adding the complexity.

ie. how would I solve the /22 into transit, /24 more specifics via MLPA 
any better in your model?   What extra control and nerd knobs do I get?

The issue of MLPAs breaking the usual "we won't peer with customers" 
practise (and clearly for good reason) is a commercial issue not a 
technical one - so the solution maybe more commercial than technical but 
with some careful monitoring of what we're seeing?

Internet transit is different to Intranets - global connectivity is 
assumed, not optional which leads to very different solutions.


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