[AusNOG] dial-up modem with 48v DC power option?

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Mon Sep 8 00:30:02 EST 2008

Mark Prior wrote:
> What about plugging ISDN into the OOB device? An ISDN WIC/PIM would
> probably be easier to source than a decent modem now days.
I can't say we've tried ISDN, but typically we've found PSTN is a basic 
service that tends to work and is fairly easy to get as well as being 
cost effective.  Debugging it requires a basic phone and an ear.  
Although I can see ISDN has the added advantage of knowing if it's still 
there (ie you can see layer1/2 up etc).  

Cisco do make an analogue modem WIC which can be handy as a Cisco 2xxx 
series with a 16 port async module with such a WIC card is a handy thing 
indeed to manage a remote POP.



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