[AusNOG] dial-up modem with 48v DC power option?

Stephen Davies StephenD at titan.net.au
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We don't use dialup modems for OOB management anymore.

We go for a 3G service, and there are various 3G routers which take a -48VDC supply for about $800.

While I know this is more expensive for you, by the time you consider the price different for the 3G ($15/month) to a telephone line ($39/m) you get packback in less than 2 years. What more you get nice speeds.

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I have an application for some dial-up modems for out of band management but the only power available is 48v DC.  Does anyone have a line on any reasonably priced serial dial-up modems, or perhaps a dc/dc converter or what have you that would let them run off 48vDC?  The ones I've found have all been industrial-strength hardened type stuff and clocking in at $700+ which is just not practical.

Any ideas?  On or off list replies are welcome.

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