[AusNOG] Hardware needed for Thailand.

Bruce Forster bruce at tubes.net.au
Tue Sep 2 11:10:04 EST 2008

Hi All,

Really hoping someone can help out on this one.

I need to purchase some machines for Thailand and I was going to use dell, 
get 8x5x365 for support, However I was talking to a few people and they 
said be careful because dell support isn't as good as they are in 
Australian and USA.

Apparently in Canada your better off buying HP then DELL because the 
support is way better due to the companies HP/DELL use for the support etc.

I was wondering if anyone knows this to be true? and also if anyone can 
make some recommendations to which vendors to use in Thailand?

PS: We have tried shipping machines from AU to Thai they don't always 
make it in working order, plus once they fail getting them back to AU is a 
slow process.



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