[AusNOG] Outsourcing Green Power

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Sun Oct 5 13:08:16 EST 2008

Nick Brown wrote:
> I was under the assumption that Google were not going to support 
> multilateral peering, so assumed that when I saw the updated list with 
> the addition of Google yet had no routes, they were just using the 
> fabric for bilateral peers. If this is the case, to be honest its a 
> little annoying that we pay for peering on the basis that peers such as 
> Google are on the list - yet then we don't even have access to them...
The days of universal MLPA in Australia are over - that's not a bad 
thing.   It means we're big enough to start supporting a much more 
interesting and vibrant industry - this means more than just the gang of 
four vs the rest of us.

The world of the internet in Australia is going to fundementally change 
over the next few years as more international players move in here.   
It's important that the existing peering points (PIPE, Equinix, WAIX) 
remain as the primary meeting places for peering rather than have none 
of the international players do peering at public peering points.  (And 
there are many now who, because of the MLPA requirements aren't at PIPE, 
Equinix, etc or do so in a very limited capacity).

Yes, this may mean that hooking up to a peering point doesn't guarantee 
you 100% of people.  But, considering Google, LLNW etc are all 
interested in delivering content to YOUR customers, I doubt that peering 
with them is actually going to be a problem.   It also may mean that 
peering becomes a bit more complex and you can't be lazy and expect 
everyone else to send traffic to you, but hey, that's part of the fun.


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