[AusNOG] Contact for AS38835, Symbio Networks

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Mon May 12 12:08:22 EST 2008

If there is anyone on list that is the best person to contact in regards to
your network not accepting traffic from AS17732 and/or our ranges across
PIPE Sydney, please contact me offlist.

There are personal details in WHOIS which I will try shortly, but just
checking in case there is a better contact available.


"Picture if you will, hundreds of Cisco switches, galloping wildly across
the server room, the herd turning as one to avoid the wily sysadmins
that are attempting to cull the weak and sick. The slowest switches
being captured and herded into racks, where they will spend the rest of
their days, passing traffic, dreaming of the freedom they used to have,
roaming free in the data center." --That Guy

alt.sysadmin.recovery - <KsmdnWRWsshmoNvYnZ2dnUVZ_s6dnZ2d at comcast.com> 

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