[AusNOG] native v6 transit?

David J. Hughes bambi at hughes.com.au
Tue Mar 18 22:40:17 EST 2008


On 18/03/2008, at 7:53 PM, Matthew Moyle-Croft wrote:

> Do you know what AS?  Neither 7474 or 7473 have any routes at the  
> moment - Optus have a /32 but it's not in the routing table neither  
> are Singtel's.

Nope, not sure which AS.  But I have v6 transit on a proposal :)

We are stipulating dual-stack transit for all our new agreements.  If  
there's no transit then who's going to run up v6?  I hope that  
other's in Australia take that stance with both their transit  
providers and router vendors.

> NTT do for sure in Oz.

Yup.  We talked about presenting our content to them about 5 years  
ago.   I'd place them as the original v6 network in Asia.

> Telstra AS1221 only has their own space routed (hilariously we see  
> them via peering in the US).

I'm not a Mason and I don't know the handshake :-)  It's sad you only  
see their v6 via the States.  I'd hoped that by now we wouldn't be a  
totally US centric Internet but it appears that may play the same  
game all over again with v6.


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