[AusNOG] Happy new year / New rules for age-restricted internetand mobile content after the 20th of january 2008

David J. Hughes bambi at hughes.com.au
Fri Jan 4 12:40:18 EST 2008

On 04/01/2008, at 9:59 AM, Mark Newton wrote:

>> Put filtered users in one VRF and dirty pr0n sucking users in another
>> VRF :)  Don't show your peering routes to the family friendly folk.
>> Not a major problem there.
> Why would routes be different based on a customer's censorship
> preferences?

Because for "clean" customers you only want to use paths you learn  
via your Clean Transit Providers and not your dirty peering connections.

> That last (critically important) qualification turns your paragraph
> into:
>  "Content filtering is possible but it sure isn't cheap.  Or  
> possible."
> :-)

lol - correct !

Yeah - I'll try again.  Filtering HTTP delivered content is possible  
but damn expensive.  For everything else (torrents, ftp, irc, posted  
CD-ROM) all bets are off.



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